Friday, September 20, 2013

Circovirus in Dogs ...

Circovirus in Dogs

A disease normally found in pigs, Circovirus has recently been found in dogs in California and Ohio ... resulting in several deaths. All the dogs in Ohio were all boarders at the same boarding facility.

Authorities advise that direct contact with an infected dog or its vomit or diarrhea would present a higher risk of infection. Viruses can be spread from animal to animal through the use of shared bedding and equipment.

"Dog owners should be cautious of where they go with their dogs ...  don’t go to where a lot of strange dogs are, with unknown vaccination history, because we don’t know who’s carrying this thing and who’s shedding this thing.”

Symptoms include:

- Vomiting
- Bloody diarrhea
- Lethargy
- Foaming at the mouth
- Vasculitis (red spots/patches/skin lesions)
- Rapid worsening of their symptoms

Prompt veterinary attention is key to long term survival and recovery.

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Source: All God's Creatures

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