Monday, January 21, 2013

Watch LIVE streaming ... Puppies! ♥

♥ Cuteness ALERT ... Watch LIVE streaming ... Puppies!
(Make sure your speakers are on, to hear all of the cute puppy sounds.)

By-the-way ... when the breeder takes the puppies out of their whelping box (for training, outdoor time, vet, whatever), the "Off Air" notice will come on and a slideshow will play ... puppies will be back shortly. ♥ Also, if the screen is dark/black ... it it night-time, and the breeders have turned-off the lights and  have gone to bed. ;-)

Puppies born January 19 and 20, 2013.

Named to honor their dam using a candy theme ...
#1 Flashy dark brindle male, dark blue collar, Gentry's Cadbury, nursery name "Cad"
#2 Flashy fawn male, light blue collar, Gentry's Toblerone, nursery name "Toby"
#3 Flashy medium brindle male, yellow collar, Gentry's Fifth Avenue, nursery name "Roadie"
#4 White female, pink collar, Gentry's White Truffle, nursery name "Sugar"
#5 Classic fawn female, red collar, Gentry's Red Hot, nursery name "Red"
#6 Classic brindle male, green collar, Gentry's Payday ,nursery name "Cash"

Dam: International and AKC Champion REO's Miss Hershey's Kiss "Ginger" (flashy fawn)
Sire: Rocket's Escape Velocity to Gentry "Dash" (flashy dark brindle)



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